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Swiss Tropical Institute
The Swiss Tropical Institute has chosen DMSys as its data management software for clinical trials.

DMSys® is data management software for clinical trials. It is quick to learn and easy to use. Its design is based on three guiding principles:

  • GCP and regulatory compliance
  • User friendliness and efficiency
  • Affordability

Northwestern University
Northwestern University has selected DMSys as its data management software for clinical trials.

DMSys is powerful clinical trials software for any pharmaceutical or medical device company, contract research organization, university department or governmental/non-governmental organization conducting clinical trials or performing data management services. DMSys is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

SigmaSoft International develops, maintains and supports DMSys. We are dedicated to providing high quality clinical trials software products complemented by high quality support, training and service - all at an affordable cost. Please contact us to discuss your clinical trials software needs.

"DMSys provides us with the ability to manage all of our clinical trial data in a validated, regulatory compliant software application. DMSys is powerful and easy to use, giving us a competitive advantage in both price and performance."
Rod Lashley, Vice President of Data Management
STATKING Consulting - Cincinnati, USA

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