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ASCII (.dat), Excel (.xls) and xBase (.dbf) files can be imported or exported directly to or from DMSys. DMSys also interfaces with any other database used in clinical data management, using ODBC.

ASCII files to be imported can be fixed column width or delimited; in the latter case, you simply need to specify the delimiting character. You can import data for all variables, or if needed, a subset of the variables defined in the data dictionary for a Form. DMSys, maintains a full audit trail for all imported data and if required, verification (second data entry) can be performed on the imported data.

Data export options are flexible, allowing you to export all Forms, records and variables, or to select subsets of Forms, records or variables. When ASCII files are exported, DMSys provides the option of creating a SAS program that includes input statements and variable labels for each Form. When data are exported to Microsoft Excel, you have the option of putting the variable names in the first row of the Excel spreadsheet.


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