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DMSys has been designed to reduce the time and resources required to set up a new clinical study. Whether your study has to be set up from scratch, or a previous study can be replicated, DMSys gives you the tools needed to be efficient and effective.

A study is set up by adding the study to the study list, creating a Forms list and site list, then creating data dictionaries, data entry screens and logic/data checks for each Form. Each of these steps is easy to understand and perform.

DMSys uses Microsoft Excel as an interface in creating data dictionaries, making it easy to copy and paste the definitions for similar variables or blocks of variables. Once the Excel dictionary has been created, DMSys uses it to generate the Visual FoxPro data table structure, thus eliminating the need for any programming of data base tables.

Data entry screen design is a simple drag and drop process. The DMSys data entry screen designer eliminates substantially all programming. This permits rapid, easy creation of user-friendly screens while saving countless hours of design work. The Form Controls toolbar provides a wide choice of controls to be placed on the screen, such as labels, text boxes, edit boxes (for lengthy text, such as comments), option buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists, lines, and shapes. The screen designer menu includes drop-down lists of the variable names and variable labels taken from the data dictionary so that you do not need to re-type them on the data entry screen: you simply select them from the menu. DMSys provides the facility to test data entry screens as you create them, eliminating any unforeseen problems once data entry starts.

DMSys includes shortcuts that allow you to copy all or some of the components of a study configuration to a new study, or to a new Form within the same study. When you have similar studies to configure, this feature is a major time saver. This feature gives you the ability to set-up a study once, then to re-use the study structure over and over again. It also allows you to set-up a study for testing and validation purposes, then copy the entire study to a new study for production purposes.

DMSys comes with a Demonstration Study and DMSys Help. The Demonstration Study is a complete clinical study including many examples that can be used to gain faster understanding of how a function works. The study structure of the Demonstration Study is like any other study and, in conjunction with the copy from study to study feature, can be used to create your own studies.

DMSys Help is very detailed and designed as a user manual for use by anyone, including users with limited CDMS experience.


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