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SigmaSoft International Partners with Netrics to Create MedDRA and WHODrug Productivity Tool

PRINCETON, NJ, September 21, 2007 - Netrics, a leading innovator and provider of intelligent database record matching software, today announced a partnership with SigmaSoft International, a global supplier of data management software solutions for clinical trials. The two companies collaborated on a new auto encoder/browser for defining MedDRA and WHODrug terminology.

SigmaSoft recognized the need for automating the coding of adverse event and concomitant medication terminology to facilitate meeting the compliance standards for pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trial data.

"We wanted to find a partner who could help our clients standardize terminology easily and cost-effectively," explained Steve Colville, CEO of SigmaSoft. “Netrics was the perfect fit, providing the best fuzzy search technology to deliver excellent results and also providing a solution that is affordable for small and mid-sized medical research companies. We looked at many major players but Netrics was easily the best in terms of accuracy, speed, and ease of deployment."

"SigmaSoft provided an excellent example of the flexibility of our data matching engine,” said Stefanos Damianakis, president and CEO, Netrics. “The ability to provide cost-effective solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical device community allows them to be more competitive, meet regulatory requirements more easily, and improve their bottom line."

The SigmaSoft auto encoder/browser for defining MedDRA and WHODrug terms can search tens of thousands of highly complex medical terms, intuitively correcting human errors, and find correct matches instantly - despite data errors and inconsistencies. The software can be used by pharmaceutical and medical device companies, contract research organizations, biotechnology companies, and medical research organizations to accurately record information pertaining to adverse events and concomitant medication data.

About SigmaSoft International
SigmaSoft International is a global provider of data management software solutions for clinical trials. The company’s flagship product is DMSys® - a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant clinical trial software system for pharmaceutical or medical device companies, contract research organizations, university departments or governmental/non-governmental organizations conducting clinical trials or performing data management services. More information is available at or email

About Netrics
Netrics' mission is tightly focused on achieving best-in-class data access and data quality solutions for real world applications - both in terms of delivering extreme accuracy and especially in the face of highly complex challenges. Netrics complements its software with a full suite of services, working with systems integrators and enterprises to solve their most challenging database matching problems. Netrics was named a 2006 Gartner Cool Vendor in data management and integration for its “innovative, impactful and intriguing” database record matching software and was also placed in the 2007 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools. For additional information about Netrics and its products and services, visit or email

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